Living In Canmore

At Exploring Canmore, we share tips based on two decades of experience to help you get the most from living in Canmore.

Canmore Schools: A Parent’s Guide To Education In Canmore

Are you a parent looking to move to Canmore? If so, the quality of Canmore schools will be one of ...
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Living in Canmore, Alberta 2023: A Guide To Mountain Life

Are you interested in living in Canmore? If so, you are probably attracted by the incredible location and the range ...
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4 Best East Indian Restaurants In Canmore

Indian restaurants in Canmore? Well, let me transport you back to 2006 when I, a curry lover from Birmingham, UK, ...
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The Canmore Engine Bridge: A Journey Through History And A Gateway To Adventure

Hey there, adventure seekers and history buffs! Have you ever wondered about that iconic bridge in downtown Canmore? Trust me, ...
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What Is The Canmore Big Head Sculpture?

The Canmore Big Head is a nine-tonne granite sculpture near Policeman’s Creek Boardwalk on Main Street in Canmore, Alberta. The ...
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