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Welcome to Exploring Canmore

Hello and welcome to Exploring Canmore, your ultimate guide to this picturesque mountain town in the Canadian Rockies. We’re Kevin and Jill, a couple who traded the UK for the serene beauty of Canmore almost two decades ago.

While many are drawn to the town’s famous neighbour, Banff, we’re here to show you that Canmore has its own unique charm. Canmore offers the same breathtaking scenery but with a quieter atmosphere, fewer crowds, and a more relaxed vibe.

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What Sets Exploring Canmore Apart?

So, what can you expect from our website? Our articles are written by ourselves and based on our research and experiences. We work hard to update the website weekly and keep you informed about the latest events and deals in town.

Exploring Canmore will inspire you with things to do, places to visit, and activities to try out. However, we will take it further by sharing in-depth insights and practical tips, all rooted in our many years of firsthand experience.

Our Expertise

We both share a love for the great outdoors. Our adventurous spirits have led us to explore far and wide – from trekking to Everest Base Camp to living in Turkey – but we always find our way back to Canmore.

We love eating out and drinking craft beers (Kevin) and good wine (Jill). We have taken our research in these areas very seriously!!

As parents of two adult sons who grew up in this wonderful town, we also offer a family-friendly perspective on activities and places to explore.

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Our Journey to Canmore

Our love for Western Canada began long before we made it our home. We first discovered this beautiful corner of the world almost by accident in the late 1990’s. The dream of living here stayed with us, and after years of planning, we finally moved our family to Canmore in 2006.

So whether your journey to Canmore is just beginning or you are simply looking to rediscover your own backyard, we hope Exploring Canmore will be your first stop.

About Jill

I’m British-born, but Canada has been my home for almost 20 years. I love to travel and have lived and worked in Istanbul (my favourite city!) and Copenhagen, and spent extended periods working in countries such as Thailand, Nepal and Spain. 

Despite my passion for travel, Canmore is still my favourite place. When I am here, biking is always my first choice of activity, followed by hiking and skiing when the snow takes over.

Luckily, these burn off some of the calories consumed by my other favourite activities, which are eating out and the occasional glass or two of wine!

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About Kevin

Kevin’s been my other half for too many years to count, and we’ve explored countless countries together. He’s the ideas guy and the technical genius behind our Canmore-focused website.

Kevin shares my wanderlust and introduced me to the world of travel when I was just 19, dragging me on a two-month tour of Europe on the back of a motorbike.

Kevin also loves to eat out, and Canmore is a great place to indulge his passion for drinking craft beers. He has a talent for rooting out the best deals, whether it’s $5 beers, half-price pizzas, or wing Wednesdays.

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