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Kevin is a long-term Canmore resident. He is a travel industry professional who has been helping people plan and fulfil their dreams for the past thirty years. You can spot Kevin running or walking on the Bow River trails most days. He also loves to eat out, and Canmore is a great place to indulge his passion for drinking craft beers. He has a talent for rooting out the best deals, whether it’s $5 beers, half-price pizzas, or wing Wednesdays.

7 Best Breweries In Canmore

AN APOLOGY – This post is actually about the best 5 breweries in Canmore, the best distillery in Canmore and ...
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4 Best East Indian Restaurants In Canmore

Indian restaurants in Canmore? Well, let me transport you back to 2006 when I, a curry lover from Birmingham, UK, ...
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8 Great Bed And Breakfasts In Canmore, Alberta

Planning a trip to Canmore, Alberta? Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or simply looking to unwind, Canmore ...
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The Canmore Engine Bridge: A Journey Through History And A Gateway To Adventure

Hey there, adventure seekers and history buffs! Have you ever wondered about that iconic bridge in downtown Canmore? Trust me, ...
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