14 Best Things To Do In Canmore At Night

By Jill

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Are you a visitor or a local looking for things to do in Canmore at night? If so, you are in the right place. There is a surprising range of evening and nighttime activities on offer in this mountain town, and as long-term Canmore locals, we know where to look.

Canmore nightlife may seem tame when compared to Banff, and it’s true, it doesn’t have the party atmosphere of its famous neighbour. However, as a vacation and weekend destination, the town has more than its fair share of bars, restaurants, and outdoor, sports and cultural events.

Don’t have time to read the full article? Our top picks for things to do in Canmore at night are:

  1. Book a Canmore Ghost Walk – a unique Canmore experience great for kids and adults.
  2. Party at The Drake – enjoy music at the liveliest late-night venue in town.
  3. Try out Canmore Skating Pond – for a nighttime skating experience under the stars.

Get Spooked On A Canmore Ghost Walk

Canmore ghost walk things to do in canmore at night
Photo Credit: Canmore Ghost Walks

For something a bit different, you can dive into the eerie side of Canmore with a ghost walk that promises to send shivers down your spine. This is a fun journey through the town’s haunted history, filled with tales of ghosts, ghouls, and unexplained events. 

Book a Canmore Ghost Walk, and the guide will tell you stories of haunted landmarks, unsolved mysteries, and terrifying hotel encounters. The group sizes are small, and the ghost walk is perfect for anyone who loves a good scare and is curious about the darker side of Canmore’s history. 

“Max was an excellent guide! She is a great story teller and provides great detail of local history and stories. After this tour I will be looking over all my pictures from the area looking for ghosts! Thanks Max!”


It combines local lore and supernatural intrigue,  so brace yourself for a spooktacular experience that will leave you both spooked and fascinated!

Experience Canmore Nightlife Down At The Drake

The drake inn on a sunny daythings to do in canmore at night
The Drake Inn For The Liveliest Canmore Nightlife

The Drake is probably the liveliest venue in town when it comes to Canmore nightlife. This pub comes alive on Friday and Saturday nights when you find live music between 10 am and 2 pm. 

It’s a favourite among the younger crowd, offering a lively atmosphere and the chance to dance the night away. If you are heading here looking for a quiet pint and a meal, aim to wind up by around 9 pm, as this is when things start to get going.

Head To Canmore Skating Pond

Skating party on canmore skating pond things to do in canmore at night
Party At Canmore Skating Pond

Canmore Skating Pond is a shallow pond in the heart of town and one of the best things to do in Canmore at night. It is popular with locals and is the scene of annual events such as Skating with Santa and New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

Once the pond freezes over, the ice is maintained, and you can skate pretty much any time. However, evenings are my favourite time as it is generally quiet, and there is something special about being there under the stars.

Enjoy The Canmore Folk Music Festival Under The Stars

An evening at canmore folk festival things to do in canmore at night
An Evening At Canmore Folk Festival

The Canmore Folk Festival usually takes place in early August and is probably our favourite of all the things to do in Canmore at night. The festival runs over several days; the evening sessions are the highlights. 

The Canmore Folk Festival transforms cool Canmore evenings into vibrant celebrations of music and community. Picture this: you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket, the stars are out, the Rockies form a stunning backdrop, and the air is filled with the soulful melodies of folk music. 

This festival is a staple in Canmore’s cultural calendar and is the perfect way to spend a summer night in Canmore. Don’t forget to bring a chair and a blanket!

Drink Beer At A Craft Brewery

A flight of beers at blake brewhouse and distillery things to do in canmore at night
Flight Of Beers At Blake Brewhouse And Distillery

Canmore, Alberta, isn’t just a haven for outdoor enthusiasts; it’s also becoming a paradise for craft beer lovers. We are lucky to have a great choice of local breweries, which are becoming some of our favourite places in town.

Canmore Brewing Company

This cozy spot near the Safeway on Railway Avenue is known for its diverse range of beers, including seasonal and pilot brews. 

Sheepdog Brewing

Located in the industrial area, Sheepdog Brewing has a cool garage-like atmosphere and a wide variety of beers, from coconut porters to mixed berry sours. 

The Blake Canmore

The Blake combines craft brewing with an award-winning restaurant. They offer six full-time beers and a range of craft spirits, complemented by a creative, global-inspired menu.

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

A cornerstone in Canmore’s craft beer community, The Grizzly Paw offers a variety of beers named after Rocky Mountain symbols. 

Have A Sunset Picnic At Canmore Engine Bridge

Canmore engine bridge on a sunny summer day things to do in canmore at night
Canmore Engine Bridge

The iconic Canmore Engine Bridge offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for a summer evening picnic. This historic bridge, surrounded by stunning mountain views, is perfect for relaxing and watching the sunset. 

On the northeast side of the bridge, there are several benches, or you can sit on the bank for a closer connection with nature.

This is one of the most popular spots in town for capturing the sunset and provides a serene backdrop for a picnic as the sun sets over the Bow River.

Pack your favourite snacks, something to drink and a blanket for a cozy experience (remember, temperatures here in the mountains drop quickly once the sun goes down).

Watch A Canmore Eagles Game

A canmore eagles junior a hockey game things to do in canmore at night
Canmore Eagles Hockey Game

Catching a game of the Canmore Eagles, our local junior hockey team is a great way to spend an evening in Canmore. Hockey is an obsession in Canada, and if you are new to the sport, I would highly recommend you give this a try.

The Eagles, part of the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL), bring some real energy and skill to the ice, making it an exciting event for everyone, whether you’re a big hockey fan or just looking for a fun local activity.

Games are held at the Canmore Recreation Centre, which turns into a lively spot on game nights. Supporting the Eagles is also a great way to connect with the Canmore community. The team is a big part of the town, and there’s a sense of local pride in cheering them on.

Skate On A Floodlit Outdoor Rink

A floodlit larch ice rink in the snow things to do in canmore at night
A Flootlit Larch Ice Rink

Skating on the outdoor ice rinks is one of the best things about winter for many locals, especially the kids. The town has several outdoor rinks, and two have lighting for night skating. 

We live just a stone’s throw from one of these rinks, and our kids would disappear for hours after school with their skates, helmets and hockey sticks.

If you are a visitor travelling without skates, head for one of the sports rental companies in town (such as GearUp) and get yourselves kitted out with skates and helmets.

Cougar Creek Ice Rink (Corner of Elk Run Blvd. and Canyon Road) and Larch Ice Rink (on 17th Street) are both floodlit until 10 pm each evening. They are equipped with boards, have onsite washrooms, and maintain their ice surfaces daily.

Night Ski At The Nordic Centre

Cross country skiing canmore nordic centre things to do in canmore at night
Cross Country Skiing

Night skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre offers an exhilarating twist to the traditional cross-country skiing experience. It is one of the best outdoor things to do in Canmore at night. 

The Nordic Centre, renowned for its world-class facilities, transforms into a winter wonderland under the stars. It provides a unique opportunity for avid skiers and those seeking a new adventure.

If you’re new to cross-country skiing, the Nordic Centre offers drop-in lessons. I found cross-country skiing was harder than it looks, but it doesn’t take much instruction to get you on your way with this sport. Ski rentals are available if you don’t have your own. 

I have found a stillness to the trails at night that you can’t experience during the day. Whether you’re looking to practice your skiing skills in a new setting or enjoy Canmore’s beauty in winter at night, this is a great way.

Shoot The Sunset From Three Sisters Viewpoint

Three sisters viewpoint at sunset things to do in canmore at night
Three Sisters Viewpoint

The Three Sisters Viewpoint is an iconic spot that offers a breathtaking view of the Three Sisters peaks. If you visit outside of the winter months, you will catch the mountains reflected in a pond. My best pictures of the Three Sisters Peaks have been taken from this viewpoint.

Arrive a bit early to find the best spot for your photo session. The changing light offers a range of hues, from golden yellows to deep purples, making every picture unique. It’s not just about snapping photos; it’s about embracing the moment. Feel the cool evening breeze and watch as the day slowly turns into night.

This is a fantastic opportunity for professional photographers and casual visitors to capture the beauty of Canmore. Whether using a high-end camera or just your phone, the Three Sisters Viewpoint at sunset provides a stunning, natural setting for memorable photographs. Share these moments with friends or keep them as a personal reminder of the serene beauty of Canmore.

Eat Ice Cream On Main Street

Scoopin' moose ice cream against a bright green background things to do in canmore at night
Photo Credit: Scoopin’ Moose

Enjoying ice cream on Main Street in Canmore is a summer evening activity. With the street closed to traffic, it is a peaceful, relaxing spot. You can sit on one of the many benches, enjoying your ice cream while watching the world go by. 

The area boasts excellent ice cream stores, including favourites like The Scoopin’ Moose and the unique Old School Bus ice cream shop. These spots offer a wide variety of flavours, catering to all tastes. So grab a cone, find a bench, and immerse yourself in the easygoing charm of Canmore.

Watch For The Northern Lights In Canmore

Northern lights in canmore things to do in canmore at night
Northern Lights In Canmore

Have you ever experienced the magic of the Northern Lights? In Canmore, you may get lucky, especially if you visit in the winter months. The best times to catch the Aurora Borealis are during the colder months, from late fall to early spring. 

If you’re a photography enthusiast, this is a golden opportunity to capture some stunning shots. Watch the Alberta aurora forecast and prepare for an unforgettable experience. 

If the aurora forecast is good, you may want to head a little out of town, entirely away from light pollution. You will have to be patient, but you could be rewarded with the unforgettable experience of seeing the northern lights in Canmore.

Try A Movie Night at ArtsPlace Canmore

Entrance to artsplace venue for movies things to do in canmore at night
ArtsPlace Canmore

Looking for a cozy and culturally enriching way to spend an evening in Canmore? ArtsPlace Canmore offers a delightful movie-going experience that’s a step above your typical cinema night. 

These movie screenings are diverse and thoughtfully curated, ranging from the latest popular releases to critically acclaimed documentaries, avant-garde films, and even special screenings of opera, theatre, and gallery exhibitions.

ArtsPlace has a small, intimate theatre and a commitment to making the arts accessible to everyone. They offer a Discover Art Access Program, ensuring that financial means don’t limit your cultural experiences. 

So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and let ArtsPlace Canmore transport you to another world for the evening.

Stargaze At Quarry Lake

Night stars at night from the treesthings to do in canmore at night
Night Stars In Canmore

Quarry Lake, located on the edge of Canmore, is a prime spot for stargazing. Its position, away from the town’s core, ensures a dark sky, perfect for observing the stars. Here, the lack of intrusive artificial lighting allows the night sky to reveal its true splendour. 

The lake’s reflective waters amplify the beauty of constellations and meteor showers. Whether you bring a telescope or enjoy the sky, this tranquil setting makes for a memorable night under the stars. It’s an ideal setting for anyone looking to connect with the cosmos in Canmore’s natural beauty.

Final Thoughts On Things To Do In Canmore At Night

Christmans night lights on main street things to do in canmore at night
Night Lights Canmore Main Street

Canmore nightlife is very different from the party atmosphere of neighbouring Banff. But, despite its smaller size, Canmore boasts an impressive array of bars, restaurants, and craft breweries catering to various tastes and preferences. 

However, this is only a small part of what Canmore offers. For sports-minded, you can watch an ice hockey game, skate on a floodlit rink or ski under the stars. 

The town’s location in the Rockies offers other unique activities such as sunset picnic, star gazing and, if you are really lucky, watching the northern lights in Canmore. And for something really different, try a Canmore Ghost Walk!

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